Follow our tips about staying healthy on a road trip to Canada

No matter you start your road trip from the big skies and wide streets of Vancouver or Montréal, the rich enterprise of North American restaurants and international festivals, there’s always a chance of being unable to maintain healthy habits on the road. Here’s how to avoid something like that.

A little road workout

The spontaneity of road travel can make it easy for you to forego self-care. However, a little willpower can keep your health from crashing.

Stretch using bands: Resistance bands are easy to pack and work out with. They offer an effective workout.

Morning runs: Put a pair of joggers on and always go for a little run in the morning to lay off the laziness.

Yoga: Whenever your muscles start to feel a little tense, pull the mat out and do some yoga on the roadside.

Fitness app or tracker: Download a fitness app to keep track of your physical movement during the trip.

Take detours on foot: Taking a few miles off track on foot is not only a great way to distract yourself from the traffic and monotony of hours-long driving but also offers scenic detours for you. And fortunately Canada is full of them.

Brain activity: Treat yourself with good music on the way. Do karaoke with the friends or family and if they get too tired, tune in to a podcast or an audio book.

Stimulate your metabolism: Push your enzymes to work by incorporating slight body movement. Shoulder shrugs, ankle circles and muscle relaxation and contraction help prevent spasms and cramping.

Eat healthy: Staying fit and working out isn’t just about moving around, it’s more about having a healthy diet. Road side food is extremely unhealthy. Try to go for grilled items, vegetables and other lighter food. Greens are an essential to healthy road eating.

Get plenty of rest: Being drowsy behind the wheel doesn’t just defeat the whole purpose of having a road trip, it’s downright dangerous. Sleep plenty to stay alert.


Other important things:

Driving for hours demands endurance, mental preparedness and making yourself comfortable to the constantly changing road environment. Here’s a list of 5 things to always remember while driving:

  • Sunscreen & sunglasses: Prevent skin-burn and eye-irritation using a good sunblock cream and polarized lens sunglasses.
  • Move during stops: Pull over after regular intervals to get on your feet. A 5-10 minute break is good enough.
  • Sit up straight: Make sure the driver’s seat is in proper inclination and tilted for maximum blood circulation.
  • Dress comfortably: Clothe yourself in loose layers that prevent overheating and don’t obstruct blood circulation.
  • Chew gum and use good scents: A repetitive activity causes your brain to stay focused and alert. Good smells are said to reduce stress significantly.

Bottom line is, staying entrapped in a car for a long period of time can throw you off your healthy lifestyle but you can maintain your wellness if you keep track and energize yourself with engaging activities.

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